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Cocoa Siesta
Delicious and chocolaty!!

Loved the taste of this drink!! It felt like a naughty little pleasure to have but I knew it was good for me haha!

So happy to hear you're loving it Sharalee and thanks for the review :)

Matcha Zing
Halina Hall
Great stuff

Really enjoy the Matcha green tea.

Great to hear Halina and thanks for the review!

Menopause Power Bundle
Rebecca Byrne
Feeling Amazing

I have never slept better since starting on the menopause bundle. I definitely have more energy during the day a fall asleep straight away. Even when i wake up to go to the bathroom I'm back asleep easily.

That's fantastic to hear Rebecca :)
Thanks for the review!

Taster Pack
Patricia Frederick
Taster Pack and Menopause Combo

I love both product options very much. The Menopause pack has been a real find. The morning drink is so much nicer then having coffee and the evening beverage has helped with calming and aiding sleep!

The sample pack I have only had a chance to try one of the drinks and I enjoyed it as a gut supporter.

I will repurchase often.

Thanks for the review Patricia and happy to hear your sleep is better :)

Fruitful Digest
Kristy McDonald
Terrific stomach settler

Since taking fruitful digest I've found alot of my stomach issues have improved. Not so bloated and heartburn is almost gone. Highly recommended 👌 👍

Thanks for the review Kristy and so happy to hear your stomach issues have improved :)

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Soy To Help Ease Menopause Symptoms

hand holding soy beans, soy beans can improve menopausal symptoms

Menopause marks the time in a woman’s life when you stop having your monthly period. It can happen in your late 40’s to early 50’s. It is a normal part of ageing.

As menopause approaches, the ovaries make less of the hormone called estrogen. This causes your menstrual cycle to change and ultimately cease to occur. You will know when you have reached menopause if you experience a complete year without menstrual bleeding - that is in the absence of any surgery or medical condition that may cause bleeding to artificially stop. 

The change in estrogen production is what causes women to experience symptoms often associated with menopause, such as:

  • Hot flashes (a sudden feeling of warmth that spreads over the body).
  • Night sweats and/or cold flashes.
  • Vaginal dryness; discomfort during sex.
  • Urinary urgency (a pressing need to urinate more frequently).
  • Difficulty sleeping (insomnia).
  • Emotional changes (irritability, mood swings, mild depression).
  • Dry skin, dry eyes or dry mouth.

Some women may also experience:

  • Irregular heart rate (racing heart).
  • Headaches.
  • Joint and muscle aches and pains.
  • Changes in libido (sex drive).
  • Difficulty concentrating, memory lapses (often temporary).
  • Weight gain.
  • Hair loss or thinning.

There are standard options for managing menopause symptoms such as hormone replacement therapy and biphosphonate bone density pills. However, for those who do not want to go the medication route, there are natural alternatives. One of which is to increase their intake of foods that contain isoflavones. 

How Soy works

Isoflavones are plant based chemicals that qualify under the category of phytoestrogens, which are hormones derived from plants. They are naturally occurring plant compounds that work similarly to estrogen. One of the best sources of isoflavones is soy.

Soy is said to alleviate the symptoms of menopause by balancing depleted estrogen levels. There are countless ways to enjoy soy, but it is strongly recommended to get the natural, organic, and minimally processed soy foods such as organic tofu, unsweetened, organic soymilk, tempeh, natto, miso, and edamame. They have much more nutritional value than highly processed ones that could even contain other ingredients that don’t add value to your food.

Daily dose to help alleviate menopausal symptoms

Research suggests regular, moderate consumption of high-quality soy foods to get the most health benefits. One to two servings of whole or minimally processed soy foods daily should be enough to get the recommended dose of 50mg of isoflavones.

Women who may want to explore alternatives to hormone therapy and might not be comfortable with taking estrogen for prolonged periods - such as those who have risks of  blood clot, stroke, or breast or uterine cancer - might want to give soy a shot.

Latte Liberate with Soy


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