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Latte Halo

Hi guys. I'm so happy with LATTE HALO purchase. Love the taste. I have it in hot plant based milk. I'm sleeping soundly every night. Hubby says I'm snoring now. He thinks it's cute 😍😍

Thanks for the review Julie, love that you're snoring sound asleep and hubby thinks its cute!

Vanilla Happy
Catherine Law
Love this product!

After years of trying countless products I have finally found the one that works for me. Vanilla Happy is a lifesaver. I have it every morning with oat milk and some extra cacao and it is delicious. Before I would be exhausted by 2pm and in need of a rest but since taking Vanilla Happy I have noticed a massive shift in my energy and focus. I have also noticed my perimenopause symptoms have reduced! I was a little apprehensive about the monk fruit sweetener but it has no adverse affects for me as someone who cannot tolerate sugar. Overall this product is fantastic and does what it says on the packet. Highly recommend.

Thanks for the review Catherine and love that Vanilla Happy is working for you! :)

Relief at last

I received the Menopause Power bundle last week and I have to say that the best part is no more hot flushes, no more joint pains. I am very lucky not to have a problem sleeping, however the hot flushes had gotten so bad that they were waking me up. As I live in a tropical environment, I am used to feeling hot, but hot flushes were terrible, so I am very grateful for being back to normal. Thank you.

Thanks Kerrie for your review and its wonderful to hear that the product is working so quickly for you - such great news!

Vanilla Happy
Annette Lee
Vanilla happy

Love the taste (although it’s more choc than vanilla) feel good thanks

Thanks Annette for the review and glad you're feeling good after taking Vanilla Happy :)


Love the latte liberate it has reduced my hot flashes a lot and doesn’t taste too bad either as for the latte halo was not to keen on the taste but it has grown on me will definitely buy the latte liberate again

Thanks for the review Leanne and so happy to hear that your hot flashes have reduced a lot. You can also mix the Latte Halo in with the Latte Liberate in the morning if that helps. :)

Fantastic Product

I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for a few months and developed a chest infection. After 2 courses of antibiotics I needed a alternative . These products have improved my immunity and made a huge difference to my health.

Hi Lisa, thanks for the review and really happy to hear how these two products helped you. :)

Vanilla Happy
Jean Lim
Vanilla Happy

This blend on this second purchase is slightly different to my first batch. It's seems like it's got less seeds and more spirulina. I can absolutely tell the difference when I do have it though. I am less moody, short tempered and much more mellow on it.

Latte Halo
Karina Ponsaing
Working a charm

Flavour is great, normally I do mix with warm milk but have enjoyed it cold also. I track my sleep via an app and since taking have had an average increase of 30 minutes in REM sleep. Definitely going to continue taking Latte Halo!

Thanks Karina for the review and so happy hear you are getting MORE sleep!! :)

Vanilla Happy
Natalie D'Alessandro
It's chocolate.

Not vanilla. Still love it though. Don't buy it expecting vanilla!

Thanks for you review Natalie. You're right it is more chocolatey than vanilla (although it does contain vanilla). It was one of our very first products when we launched and I will put my hand up and say I should have thought the name through more on this one. ‍♀️Thanks Wendy

Vanilla Happy
Kylie Andrews
My lifeline

I have been using this for a couple of years now and will not go a day without it. It calms me, I sleep better and am in a better mind set all round. I can totally recommend it!

Thanks for the review Kylie and your continued support. I'm so glad to hear you're loving this product and that its helping you to feel amazing!

Green Goddess
Jeannette M
Nice taste

Started taking it in last couple weeks. Enjoying the taste early days yet.

Taking this every day and love it

Have been taking this combo now for over a year and haven't had a cold or flu over the winter months and sleep better.

Taster Pack
Catherine Patterson
Taster pack

I tried everything in the pack and was so impressed with how much better my gut felt . Definitely less bloating . I am in menopause so I’ve ended up purchasing Latte Liberate , Latte halo, and the healthy gut duo.
Looking forward to seeing over time how much better I might feel especially with the hot flushes

Thanks for the review Catherine and wonderful to hear you love them and that you experienced less bloating. Looking forward to hearing how you go with the full packs.

Just wonderful products

So glad I've found you. Your products changed me in so many ways. More energetic my mood is so much better, don't seem to have any hot flushes anymore, I sleep so much better & over all a happier me. Will continue buying your products thank you so much..

Thanks for the review Liz - fantastic to hear your energy levels and mood is better and those hot flushes are gone.

Berry Cleanse
Liz Condos
Wonderful product just love it.

I love Berry Cleanse what can I say.
My bloating has improved have more energy & most of all keeps me regular.
I've always suffered from constipation and had to take tablets but now it's the thing of the past.. very happy customer.
Use it every morning in my smoothy.
Love it... makes me feel great.. happy gut happy me..
Thank you so much must order some more soon..

That's wonderful to hear Liz, glad the product is working for you and energy levels have returned. So important for overall wellness and happiness.

Vanilla Happy
Kate Bril
It works

I chose to try this product because i felt like I was jumping out of my skin with pms plus dealing with painful swelling of breasts. Two weeks of taking it daily, I feel calmer and more settled, less pain. Happy to make this drink a daily ritual

Thanks for the review Kate and it's great to hear the product is working really well for you :)

Taster Pack
Alison G
Great try before you buy

It was great to be able to try a few different products to find the ones I did/didn’t like

Thanks for the review Alison, glad you found some products you like! :)

I can function again!

Latte Liberate has provided my body with the balance it requires to operate in a fairly normal state whilst going through the inevitable change that women have to endure later in life. Highly recommend it!

Thanks Julie for the feedback and review. Such wonderful news to hear :)

Menopause Bundle

Love the flavours of both Latte Halo and Liberate. I have found myself a lot happier at work during the day (lost my mojo for a while), also I have been sleeping a lot better which was a constant issue for me. The blends are working well for me. I will continue to purchase your products. Thank you Kulture

Thanks for leaving a review Terri. So happy to hear your results and that you've got your mojo back :)

Taster Pack
Sharon O'Grady
Latte Liberate

Latte liberate.
I didn't really like the cinnamon taste & it feels very scratchy irritating in the throat & to swallow.
Not sure about it's effects on countering hot flushes yet as have only had two cups so far.

Thanks for the feedback Sharon. If you're drinking the product with cold milk, best to put it in a shaker to mix the contents thoroughly and of course make sure you have enough milk to blend it properly and not be too thick. Depending on the severity of your hot flushes it could take from a week through to 3 weeks for the product to start to work.

Does not taste good but works

I have been using the 3 products in the hormone & gut starter pack for almost a month now. I do not like the taste or texture at all. Especially the Vanilla Happy, I find it very bitter. But I think they do work so I will continue to use them and will order again. Customer service is also really good. It would be good if there was an option to buy in bigger packs too.

Thanks for the feedback Amanda and Im glad the products are working for you. With the Vanilla Happy, if you find it bitter, you could add a little more monk fruit powder to it. Monk fruit doesnt effect insulin levels and is available in the supermarkets. We tend to go less sweet on the products so people can add.

Vanilla Happy
Dee Pouwels
Vanilla happy

I started off drinking this in the mornings but found it doesn’t really dissolve very well so I now put it on my muesli at breakfast which I prefer. Am vanilla happy with product ☺️

Thanks for the review Dee and glad you're enjoying it on your muesli - I have it often on muesli and its great! Best way to dissolve it in a drink is to put it in a shaker and perhaps with the wire ball that comes with the shaker. Anyway, glad you've found a way you like to take it

Latte Liberate
Caroline Blythe
One step forward.

So, stupidly I decided to see if it was actually working by letting myself run out of it. I was being pretty impatient, expecting it to work faster, praying for it to work faster. My flushes were unbearable, from mild perspiration all my life, no matter how hot it was to absolutely dropping with sweat day and night, soo not fun. By about the 3 week mark the flushes were noticabely less and the sweating less severe by the time I'd run out I had two nights decent sleep in a row. Now I've been without it for a week or so I know 100% that Latte Liberate works! Not only has it helped already with flushes but after I'd been taking it only a few days I noticed a change in my mood and I felt far more relaxed.. I'll be ordering more on Monday and I won't be running out this time !! Also, I really miss having a big glass in the morning, it's different but its delicious. Brilliant stuff!

Caroline thanks for the review, this is fantastic news that the product is working for you.

The hot flushes that were driving me crazy have not returned!!

I am very pleased to report that from day one of starting the Halo in the evening and Liberate in the morning my hot flushes immediately reduced. I still get a bit hot from time to time (well it is summer) but the hot flushes that were driving me crazy have not returned. So far so good!

I love the taste of the Liberate and have started buying soy milk and heat it in the microwave which helps to mix it up better. The Halo is also tasty and I have started buying almond milk and also heat this one up to help mix the powder.

I have told quite a few of my friends how wonderful your product is and I will definitely be buying some more very soon. ❤️

Thanks for the review Joanne, glad you're enjoying the products and that they are working for you too :)

Latte Liberate
Alisha Moreton
Latte shakes

It doesn't taste the best , I kinda over did the powder on my first shake ! Still waiting to feel results

Thanks for the review Alisha, hopefully it starts to work for you soon. Some people take longer than others.