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The samples were delicious 🤤

Fabulous Products

So impressed with these products, love the flavours and how I can combine them with other things too. Finding the Vanilla Happy is a great addition to my smoothie in the morning and with the ingredient Maca definitely helps me sleep better at night!

One week in....

One week in and feeling the hot flushes backing off at night already. Would be interested to give feedback again after 4 weeks.

I have been using Latte Liberate for a month. I have found it has reduced my hot flushes, they have not completely gone but is much more manageable. I definitely feel a lot better in myself since taking it and would recommend giving it a go.

Been using your product for

Been using your product for 2 weeks now
Still getting hot flushes through the day and at night , but they are not as bad , over all feeling good. ,

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Berry Cleanse

  • Berry Cleanse is designed to support a healthy digestive tract and bowel regularity as well as liver detoxification, a process that metabolises toxins like pollutants, caffeine, alcohol, excess hormones, heavy metals, and pesticides.
    It’s a gentle cleanser, meaning it won’t have you running to the bathroom and can be taken every day.
  • All Kulture products are ready to drink - simply add liquid.
    Berry Cleanse is a berry flavoured drink. Simply add 2 tablespoons to a glass or water, stir and drink immediately. Recommend taking every day to ensure ongoing health benefits.
  • Psyllium husk powder, organic flaxseed meal, Diatomaceous earth, organic chia seeds, organic inulin powder, organic beetroot powder, raspberry flavouring powder, blueberry flavouring powder, monk fruit powder, organic chlorella powder and organic aloe vera.
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Flush out toxins with Berry Cleanse

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I'm very happy with your
Great Product!!!
Thanks for the feedback Wade and happy hear your gut health is much better.
Absolutely love this. I was
Thanks for the feedback Tracey, Glad Latte Liberate is helping you with your hot flushes and night sweats - you must feel like a new woman!
I really like Berry Cleanse
It does what it says it does

Frequently asked questions

Who should take Berry Cleanse?
Anyone who is having problems maintaining regular bowel movements, is lacking energy, needing a regular cleanse or wanting to maintain good gut health.
I'm constipated. How soon will I notice results?
You should be relieved within 24 hours. Please note Berry Cleanse is a gentle cleanser and won't have you running for the bathroom. If you are really blocked, it may take a few doses of Berry Cleanse to get things moving.
How will I feel when taking Berry Cleanse?
After a few days you'll notice an improvement to your bowels and energy levels.
How often should I consume?
We recommend once a day ongoing, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or you can consume it during the day.
I'm pregnant, can I take Berry Cleanse?
Berry Cleanse contains Aloe Vera and although we only use 1% in every pack, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using it.

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