The Kulture Story

It began from a love of keeping healthy and fit and as founder Wendy Lilley, entered into her late 40s, she really started to take notice and understand how her body works.

“I had always had gut issues since I was a teenager, triggered from stress and digestive issues which led to sinus and hay fever as well as often having a hard bloated stomach. Often visiting an acupuncturist to ‘sort out’ my gut issues, I started to delve into the reasons why and this is how Kulture was born."

Happy healthy gut = overall happiness

Our gut is the cornerstone to our wellbeing. When our gut is healthy and happy, everything within our body works the way it should. 

It has the ability to digest food more efficiently and extract nutrients to provide your body with all that it requires. You'll also notice you have more energy. 

When it’s not a happy camper, you will feel bloated, achy and possibly get indigestion which leads to a number of issues within the body such as lack of sleep, weight gain, low immunity, hormonal imbalance, lack of energy, moodiness, poor skin, allergies and the list goes on.

For many of us, poor gut health is common. I knew I was eating a pretty good diet but still eating foods that triggered a problem in the gut ie: dairy and gluten. Once I gave up these foods or rather substantially limited them and started taking Fruitful Digest every day, my gut has improved so much so the acupuncturist called me to see if I was okay. I replied Yes!

Creating a range just for women

When creating the range my core focus was gut health and hormonal balance. Us women have a hard time with both, so it was important to provide you with a product that targets these issues.

Making the products plant based was a no brainer, as plants assimilate with our bodies better and are alkaline based meaning they don’t cause acid build up in the stomach. I researched superfoods outside the norm and found interesting and yet powerful herbs such as Ashwagandha, an ancient Indian herb that has been used by women for 1000s of years. This herb is nourishing to our bodies, helps balance our hormones and cope better with stress. That is why I included it in Vanilla Happy, something I take every morning.

When we understand our bodies and work to improve them, our energy levels return and everyday life just gets a whole lot easier. The way it should be really.

I have enjoyed making these products and hope you benefit from them like many of my customers have.

Welcome to a better YOU!

Image of Wendy owner of Kulture