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Vanilla Happy

  • Vanilla Happy is designed to support women of any age, who experience PMS symptoms, adrenal fatigue (brain fog), sleep problems, stress or need a boost of energy. It can also help alleviate mild hot flushes, should you be going through peri-menopause. Using 100% natural plant based ingredients, Vanilla Happy is a blend of adaptogens, herbs and superfoods that work with your body to help restore balance.  Experience the benefits with our No.1 best seller.

    1 packet has 31 serves, when taken daily will last 1 month.

  • All Kulture products are ready to drink - simply add liquid. Vanilla Happy is a delicious vanilla chocolate drink. Simply add 2 tablespoons to a shaker with milk or water, shake and drink immediately. You can also add Vanilla Happy to your muesli and porridge. With muesli, sprinkle 1 tablespoon on top and with porridge mix in during the cooking stage. Usually 1 tablespoon is enough and then take the other tablespoon with milk or water later.
  • Organic raw cacao, organic maca, organic chia seeds, pumpkin seed meal, organic Siberian ginseng, sunflower lecithin, organic spirulina, organic french vanilla flavouring, organic ashwagandha and monk fruit powder.

    1 packet has 31 serves which will last for 31 days.

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Join thousands of women enjoying the benefits

Improve sleep patterns - lack of sleep leads to many health issues such as poor gut health, weight gain and lack of energy.

Improve PMS symptoms -reduce cramps, mood problems, lessen menstrual irregularities, breast tenderness and overall inflammation.

More energy - increased energy and a clearer mind.

Elevates your mood - with the added benefit of raw cacao, a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant.

Reduce Stress - Ashwagandha recognises when the body is in a state of stress and brings it into balance by reducing cortisol.

Adrenals & Thyroid -clears brain fog and nourishes your thyroid.

Peri-menopause - helps to balance levels of the hormone estrogen as well as reducing hot sweats during peri-menopausal years.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Catherine Law
Love this product!

After years of trying countless products I have finally found the one that works for me. Vanilla Happy is a lifesaver. I have it every morning with oat milk and some extra cacao and it is delicious. Before I would be exhausted by 2pm and in need of a rest but since taking Vanilla Happy I have noticed a massive shift in my energy and focus. I have also noticed my perimenopause symptoms have reduced! I was a little apprehensive about the monk fruit sweetener but it has no adverse affects for me as someone who cannot tolerate sugar. Overall this product is fantastic and does what it says on the packet. Highly recommend.

Thanks for the review Catherine and love that Vanilla Happy is working for you! :)

Annette Lee
Vanilla happy

Love the taste (although it’s more choc than vanilla) feel good thanks

Thanks Annette for the review and glad you're feeling good after taking Vanilla Happy :)

Jean Lim
Vanilla Happy

This blend on this second purchase is slightly different to my first batch. It's seems like it's got less seeds and more spirulina. I can absolutely tell the difference when I do have it though. I am less moody, short tempered and much more mellow on it.

Natalie D'Alessandro
It's chocolate.

Not vanilla. Still love it though. Don't buy it expecting vanilla!

Thanks for you review Natalie. You're right it is more chocolatey than vanilla (although it does contain vanilla). It was one of our very first products when we launched and I will put my hand up and say I should have thought the name through more on this one. ‍♀️Thanks Wendy

Kylie Andrews
My lifeline

I have been using this for a couple of years now and will not go a day without it. It calms me, I sleep better and am in a better mind set all round. I can totally recommend it!

Thanks for the review Kylie and your continued support. I'm so glad to hear you're loving this product and that its helping you to feel amazing!

Kate Bril
It works

I chose to try this product because i felt like I was jumping out of my skin with pms plus dealing with painful swelling of breasts. Two weeks of taking it daily, I feel calmer and more settled, less pain. Happy to make this drink a daily ritual

Thanks for the review Kate and it's great to hear the product is working really well for you :)

Dee Pouwels
Vanilla happy

I started off drinking this in the mornings but found it doesn’t really dissolve very well so I now put it on my muesli at breakfast which I prefer. Am vanilla happy with product ☺️

Thanks for the review Dee and glad you're enjoying it on your muesli - I have it often on muesli and its great! Best way to dissolve it in a drink is to put it in a shaker and perhaps with the wire ball that comes with the shaker. Anyway, glad you've found a way you like to take it

Life changing 💙

Vanilla Happy has been the best product I've ever tried for hormonal balance. I cope with stress so much better, I sleep better and my libido is 💯 improved. I recommend to all my friends. So grateful 💙

Penny N.
Great taste

I love Vanilla Happy. Have it in my shake every morning. Keeps me going until lunch time. Great flavour!

Ally P.
Love it!!

Love this product, within 3 days of starting it I felt brighter and less exhausted. Was tired of Doctors not helping as my “levels were within range” so took matters into my own hands! And a chocolatey treat each morning is nice too!!! Thank you

Frequently asked questions

How soon will I see results?
Results vary, depending on your severity of hormonal imbalance, however most start to see results after a couple of weeks. Your sleep patterns will improve so too will your energy levels and you should experience less mood swings. With energy levels increasing, you find that you can cope better with the pressures of everyday life in a more positive way.
How often and long should I take it?
We recommend taking Vanilla Happy once a day, ongoing to maintain your new found balance.
Don't natural products taste yuk?
No they don't have to and we made sure you'll love the taste. Vanilla Happy is a delicious chocolate vanilla drink thickened naturally with pumpkin seed meal and chia seeds.
I'm pregnant, can I take it?
Unfortunately no. We do not recommend our Vanilla Happy for pregnant women as it contains Ashwagandha which may cause early delivery.
I'm breastfeeding, can I take it?
Yes. Vanilla Happy is safe and contains medicinal herbs that breastfeeding mums benefit from such as Ashwagandha and maca.
What's in Vanilla Happy?
Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that is used to reduce stress hormones and stimulate blood flow to the female reproductive organs. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and PMS related symptoms.

Maca root helps balance hormones and due to an excess of environmental estrogens, most people's hormones are out of natural balance. Maca stimulates and nourishes the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are the “master glands” of the body.

Siberian Ginseng has been found to fight fatigue and promote energy within. It also helps with anxiety, stress and provide a feeling of calmness.

Raw Cacao is rich in magnesium and helps to stabilise your serotonin levels. A lack of serotonin can lead to sleep disorders. It may also help to reduce weight gain, leg swelling, bloating, breast tenderness and period pain during PMS. 

Chia Seed’s hormonal benefits include stabilising blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity, and easing metabolic syndrome symptoms like blood pressure and blood sugar spikes. 

Zinc from pumpkin seeds is claimed to promote progesterone production in preparation for the next phase of the cycle. 

Sunflower Lecithin is rich in essential fatty acids and helps to improve liver function. 

Spirulina is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties and also helps with menopausal symptoms.