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Great taste and both very good products

Bitter Melon
Lost 1kg in just over a week!

These are fantastic and so easy to take. I’ve been walking more and watching my snacking and eating a healthy diet. No side effects and couldn’t believe it when I stepped on the scales. Thank you Kulture for another great product 😍

Thanks for the review Michelle and it's great to hear they are working for you. Keep up the good work with your walking and diet and you should hit your goals in no time!

Latte liberate

Love this product as it has reduced my hot flushes and taken away 95% of my aches and pains that I suffered from at night while trying to sleep.I take it with cold soy milk love it

That's wonderful to hear - you must be feeling so much better. Glad you're loving the taste too. Thanks for the review, really appreciate it.

Menopause power bundle

I’m one week in and to date have not noticed any improvement in my hot flushes especially at night. I have experienced more bloat 😟 and frequent visits to the toilet. I should’ve asked - are the products FODMAP friendly? I have been putting the Latte Liberate in my morning smoothie (almond milk) and mixing the Spiced Halo with 1/2 cup almond milk at night. The taste is not great but it’s okay. I’m going to try persevering for at least one month to see if things change.

Hi Catherine, thanks for your review. I would definitely give it more time as 1 week isn't long. Some people take little longer than others for it to work. Both products are FODMAP friendly so all good there :) I'll send you an email and see how we can help you with the taste.

Brain Booster

Have definitely noticed improvement in mood, focus and clarity both at work and at home!

That's great to hear you're noticing a difference Janelle - it's amazing stuff the Brain Booster! Thanks for the review, appreciate it :)

Brain Booster
Cathy Alati
Brain Food...love it

I add it to my morning coffee. Keeps me focused throughout the day. This is my second purchase, it will not be my last purchase.

So happy to hear you're enjoying the benefits. We love this products too :) Thanks for the review, really appreciate it.

Berry Cleanse
Pamela Rainey
Berry good

This product has helped me with bloating. I have it every day in my breakfast shake and it also helps to keep me regular. I highly recommend it.

Thanks for the review Pamela and so happy to hear Berry Cleanse is working for you! :)


Good thank you

Brain Booster
Alert and focused

I have found that the brain booster in my coffee before studying helps me stay focused and allergy while studying for longer periods of time.

Great to hear its helping with your studies! :) Thanks for the review Renata, much appreciate it.

Powerful greens

Nice way too add greens too your dietary is mix mine with my daily protein shake

Glad you're enjoying it Ann and thanks for the review :)

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Vanilla Happy

  • Experience the balancing and nourishing effects of Vanilla Happy. A powerful blend of Ayurvedic herbs and superfoods specifically formulated for women to harmonise your hormones and enrich your body.

    This delicious blend has been designed to help protect your body from daily stressors, improve sleep patterns, fight fatigue, reduce brain fog, improve PMS symptoms and reduce mild hot flashes.

    Made from 100% plant based ingredients with no added gums, dairy, soy or artificial sweeteners.
  • Vanilla Happy offers incredible health and hormone benefits:

    • Reduces cortisol & insulin levels
    • Supports the relief of mild hot flashes
    • Supports adrenal fatigue
    • Supports thyroid function (hypo)
    • Improves sleep patterns
    • Allows you to cope better with stress
    • Reduces cramps & mood problems during your period
    • Improves energy levels
    • Elevates your mood
  • A carefully selected range of healing herbs and superfoods that nourish and provide the balance that women need.

    Organic raw cacao, organic maca, organic chia seeds, pumpkin seed meal, organic Siberian ginseng, sunflower lecithin, organic spirulina, organic french vanilla flavouring, organic ashwagandha and monk fruit powder.

    1 packet has 31 serves which will last for 31 days.

  • A vanilla chocolate blend that you can drink on its own or add to a smoothie. Simply add 2 tablespoons to a shaker to blend with milk or water or add 1-2 tablespoons into a smoothie.

    Vanilla Happy is very versatile and can also be sprinkled onto your cereal, muesli, porridge or added to recipes with raw cacao and replace all of the raw cacao or part of with Vanilla Happy.

    If you’re new to the blend we recommend starting off with 1 tablespoon a day to see how your body reacts and then increase over time to the recommended daily dosage of 2 tablespoons.

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Join thousands of women enjoying the benefits

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Gaye Abraham
health drinks

I have ordered and tried all of them which seem to be pleasant to drink except the strawberry one and hopefully as I move forward I will see results. I received the diet and recipes, on line, printed the booklet to take away in the caravan. The Strawberry one is very hard to drink and I am having trouble getting it down. The way they said to use it on the program does not work as mixing together with the green one makes the drink set like a pudding and I cannot get them down, so I will have to have them separately over the morning mixed with extra water. Blending with fruit does not work as the drink separates with half thick pudding like and the bottom all watery. If delivery time could be improved I would order replacements as I run out to be delivered to the various post offices, but unfortunately the order took so long to arrive at my place I am to afraid to order any more while travelling.

Thanks for the review Gaye. Sorry to hear you're not enjoying Berry Cleanse, it sounds like you may need to add more water to make it more runny and more palatable and drink it straight away as the psyllium husk thickens it up. With regards to the delay in shipping, this was based on stock issues which happens from time to time. Orders are usually shipped within 48 business hours of ordering and deliveries to regional WA do take longer than most places. I would recommend express post and see how that goes next time :)

morning boost of flavour

Love this product It makes any breakfast feel like you're at a resort. Love it on my quinoa banana porridge with yoghurt

That breakfast sounds delicious! Glad you're enjoying your Vanilla Happy and thanks so much for the review :)

Vanilla happy makes me happy!

Definitely recommend it’s good stuff I can feel the difference in energy when I take it also find it helps me with the menapause hormones/ symptoms.I usually make a smoothie in the nutribullet and add extra cacao for a more choclately flavor and have also added milo too yummy and leave me feeling great!

So happy to hear! Thanks for the review and keep enjoying :)

Erica Morgan

I started taking the Kulture Vanilla Happy 2 weeks ago. I had been suffering from severe hot sweats at night, so much so that I would wake up drenched in sweat 2 or 3 times a night. I also had to have a fan blowing on me all night. I am 54 year old female. It took a couple of days to notice the difference but it was definitely a positive difference. 2 weeks in and I haven't had a hot flush in about 4 days. What a joy to have a full and restful night's sleep. My energy levels have also increased. I am so pleased with this product I have already ordered another bag. I am even telling my clients about it. Highly recommended!!! Thankyou Kulture.

Erica that's fantastic results - you must be so relieved!! Thanks for the review and the recommendations too, much appreciated :)

Kylie Andrews
Magic ⭐️

This is amazing! I struggle if I go a day or so without it and definitely feel the difference. I would definitely recommend it.

Thanks for your lovely review Kylie and so happy to hear you're really feeling the benefits of our Vanilla Happy blend.

Moore Karen

I dont like chocolate and vanilla mixed together it tassted horrilble

Vanilla Happy

I have tried a lot of products in the past and didn't have high hopes this would work. Surprisingly I felt so much calmer and my sleep has improved so much. I am a busy working mum with 2 very energetic boys. I don't always get time out to myself. This has help so much especially coming into peri-menopause.
I have since ordered another 4 packets so I don't run out. I highly recommend this product.

Thanks TJS for the review and super happy you've found your product :)

Robyn Woods

The flavour a little hard to get used to but feeling better all around

Thanks for the review Robyn, glad you're feeling the benefits. Some alternative ways of taking Vanilla Happy is to add it to smoothies if you eat those. Or add to porridge, muesli or cereal. The smoothie of course will mask the flavour more.

Vanilla Happy

Definitely noticed the difference from taking this, amazing product and very tasty.

Thanks for the review and happy to hear you're loving it :)

Audra De La Torre

Vanilla Happy

Frequently asked questions

What's makes Vanilla Happy so beneficial for women's health?
We didn't create this blend by chance, we carefully selected a range of healing herbs and superfoods that nourish and provide the balance that women need. We are incredibly proud of this blend as its helping many women across Australia and overseas.

Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that is used to reduce stress hormones and stimulate blood flow to the female reproductive organs. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and PMS related symptoms.

Maca root helps balance hormones and due to an excess of environmental estrogens, most people's hormones are out of natural balance. Maca stimulates and nourishes the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are the “master glands” of the body.

Siberian Ginseng has been found to fight fatigue and promote energy within. It also helps with anxiety, stress and provide a feeling of calmness.

Raw Cacao is rich in magnesium and helps to stabilise your serotonin levels. A lack of serotonin can lead to sleep disorders. It may also help to reduce weight gain, leg swelling, bloating, breast tenderness and period pain during PMS. 

Chia Seed’s hormonal benefits include stabilising blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity, and easing metabolic syndrome symptoms like blood pressure and blood sugar spikes. 

Zinc from pumpkin seeds is claimed to promote progesterone production in preparation for the next phase of the cycle. 

Sunflower Lecithin is rich in essential fatty acids and helps to improve liver function. 

Spirulina is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties and also helps with menopausal symptoms. 
How soon will I see results?
Results vary, depending on your severity of hormonal imbalance, however most start to see results after a couple of weeks. Your sleep patterns will improve so too will your energy levels and you should experience less mood swings. With energy levels increasing, you find that you can cope better with the pressures of everyday life in a more positive way.
How often and long should I take it?
We recommend taking Vanilla Happy once a day, ongoing to maintain your new found balance.
Don't natural products taste yuk?
No they don't have to and we made sure you'll love the taste. Vanilla Happy is a delicious chocolate vanilla drink thickened naturally with pumpkin seed meal and chia seeds.
I'm pregnant, can I take it?
Unfortunately no. We do not recommend our Vanilla Happy for pregnant women as it contains Ashwagandha which may cause early delivery.
I'm breastfeeding, can I take it?
Yes. Vanilla Happy is safe and contains medicinal herbs that breastfeeding mums benefit from such as Ashwagandha and maca.