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Tea Tonic
My sleep is out of this world!

I started taking this 4 days ago and WOW, my sleep is so so good now. Thank you for this product, its a lifesaver!

So happy to hear that. Im taking it too and can't believe how well Im sleeping :) Thanks for the review.

Brain Booster
Lesley Bonham
These products are amazing

I love these products they are life changing my sleep moods energy levels have improved so much after using these products 1 year on and still getting great benefits

So happy to hear Lesley :) Thank you so much for the lovely review!

Bitter Melon
Anastasia Papapetros
I haven’t tried it

I didn’t realise I had to take it with meals, 🤷🏼it’s not something I can do so the bottle us sitting unopened on my dresser.

Sorry to hear that Anastasia, Ive sent you an email as we do accept returns on unopened products.

Matcha Zing
Lesley Bonham
These products are amazing

I have been using Kulture products for a few years now they do everything they advertise, my sleep has improved considerably my energy levels are the best in years thank you Kulture for your amazing products

So happy to hear you're loving them and they are providing you with a happier healthier you :) Thanks for the review!

Flat Tummy Combo
Karen Mohr

Flat Tummy Combo

Menopause Power Bundle
Chrissy Laing
Menopause power

Would love to write a positive review the quality of this product is wonderful I just wish it tasted better the bitter taste makes drinking this product really hard, I have tried mixing in smoothies and even adding honey to no avail I am still pushing through tho for it has helped the flushed and sleeping

Sorry to hear you don't like the taste. Perhaps its the turmeric in it that you're tasting? We all have different taste buds and once you taste something its super hard to not notice it again. I do have a new product launching Saturday which is a Tea Tonic made from Chinese herbs by my local acupuncturist. It helps with hot flushes, calming within and sleep and definitely worth a try. It will be available under the Menopause section in the Navigation from Saturday 7th Jan!

Improved Sleep

This product has really assisted with improving my level of sleep since it was totally destroyed by menopause. I just have a spoonful each night with vegetable juice and I think my skin and hair also look better as an added bonus.

So happy to hear you're getting more sleep - you must feel amazing!! Thanks for the review :)

Vanilla Happy
Melissa Joseph
Love it

I love the taste

Thanks Melissa for the review and so happy to hear you love it :)

Not sure yet

I purchased fruitful digest & am taking it together with berry cleanse as recommended. Is definitely helpful with being regular every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I have also been taking vanilla happy, l am yet to see any improvement with night wets or hot flushes. It’s only been 2 weeks & weather has been extremely hot over the last 2 days. Will continue with these as well as begin taking menopause ultimate bundle once l have finished the hormone& gut starter pack.

Thanks for the review Lina and Im glad the products are working for you. With regards to the hot flushes and night sweats, you will most likely see better results with the menopause ultimate bundle as those product are specifically for that. Vanilla Happy may help some women with mild flushes but if you're getting them often then the menopause products are the ones! :)

Hormone & Gut Starter Pack
kathryn jarrett

I feel my liver is liking it too and I feel like I am losing weight.

Thanks for the review Kathryn and glad you're loving them. Wonderful to hear that they're helping you lose weight :)

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Latte Liberate

Love this product
"It has reduced my hot flushes and taken away 95% of my aches and pains that I suffered from at night while trying to sleep. I take it with cold soy milk love it".

Latte Liberate is our menopause blend for women who are in peri-menopause and menopause.

• Encourages hormone balance
• Reduces hot flashes and anxiety
• Reduce night sweats
• Reduce irritability
• Reduce insulin resistance
• Reduces weight gain
• Helps the liver to clear out old hormones
• Helps to improve the quality of your sleep
• Anti-inflammatory properties

How it works
Latte Liberate is a powerful blend of Ayurvedic herbs and superfoods specifically formulated for women going through menopause.

Soy Milk has an estrogen-like effects and mimic the effects of estrogen.

Ashwagandha encourage hormone balance and reduces hot flashes and anxiety.

Maca helps with hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings and sleep problems. 

Lavender Flower helps to improve the quality of your sleep.

Cinnamon is effective in helping to cope with hot flashes. It also helps to reduce insulin resistance, a common condition resulting in weight gain.

Turmeric helps the liver to clear out old hormones, alleviating many menopausal symptoms. 

Ginger helps with hot flashes and night sweats and with its anti-inflammatory properties is can be effective in reducing body aches and joint pain.
Australian soy milk powder (non GMO), organic maca, organic cinnamon, natural vanilla flavouring, organic monk fruit, organic lavender flower, organic ashwagandha, organic ginger and organic turmeric.

1 packet has 30 serves which will last 1 month.

Please note: product does not contain caffeine.
How to use
Simply add 2 tablespoons to a shaker with milk or water and drink in the morning.

Alternatively Latte Liberate can be added to smoothies, oats, bliss balls or desserts.
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Glynis Williams

I’m sorry but I don’t like the taste

Thanks for your feedback Glynis. Sorry to hear you didn't like the taste. It sometimes helps to add a banana and blitz it into a smoothie but I get that everyone has different taste buds.

Sharon Arraj

Latte Liberate

Latte liberate

Love this product as it has reduced my hot flushes and taken away 95% of my aches and pains that I suffered from at night while trying to sleep.I take it with cold soy milk love it

That's wonderful to hear - you must be feeling so much better. Glad you're loving the taste too. Thanks for the review, really appreciate it.

Kym Webb
Fabulous products

Each product has helped my poor menopausal body to get back to functioning less erratically. Less bloat and fewer hot flashes.
My gut has appreciated the support also.

Thanks for review Kym and really happy to hear that the products are helping you get back to feeling healthier and happier :)

Latte liberate

I have been having this as a warm drink mixed with soy milk as part of my breakfast for a week now and am surprised at the fewer times being woken by hot flushes during the night. I was having up to 5 to 8 a night and now am having 1 or 2 and a couple of nights of none at all. Not waking and having a better night sleep is a bit slower happening but hopefully will follow soon.

Amazing to hear Karen!! You must be feeling a lot better and happier too. Thanks for the review :)

easing day time flushes

I missed a couple of weeks taking Latte Liberate and the day Time hot flushes started, they are now easing since I started taking it again.

Karen Williamson

Have enjoyed the flavour of this drink and am feeling a lot better, more energetic, hot flushes gone very happy with this product

thanks for the review Karen and happy to hear the hot flushes are gone! :)

Julie M
Latte Liberate

This product is great, it has decreased my hot flushes. has not taken them away entirely, but I have noticed a decrease during the day, and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Wendy

Thanks for the lovely review Julie and so happy to hear that Latte Liberate is working for you :)

Melissa Mildon

Hey guys weight gain is in proving sleeping ok but still getting the hot flushes not lasting as long but still annoying but thanks I will give it another month and hopefully it will improve Cheers

Thanks for your review Melissa, yes give it some more time as it can take longer for some to feel the effects. Your hot flushes aren't lasting as long, so that is a good sign its starting to work. :)

Shirley McAvoy
Latte Liberate helps with shoulder pain

I purchased the Latte Liberate for myself and my husband decided to start using it in his morning smoothies. A great side benefit for him is that his chronic shoulder pain has reduced and his range of motion has improved considerably. Will purchase again.

Oh wow Shirley, thats a great added bonus for your husband! Thanks for the feedback :)

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to see the benefits?
Everyone is different and everyone's level of hot flashes are different too. Those with mild hot flashes should notice a difference within a week, maybe 2. However it could take longer with some people.
What makes Latte Liberate different to other menopause products?
We have carefully hand selected herbs and spices that are known for their properties in reducing hot flashes during menopause. The product is Soy based (unlike any other product at Kulture) as Soy may help to balance estrogen during menopause. Latte Liberate doesn't include Black Cohosh like many other menopause products, as some people don't respond well to Black Cohosh. Latte Liberate only contains ingredients that will help combat menopausal symptoms. We don't include protein powders or other fillers.
How often should I consume Latte Liberate?
We recommend once a day to ensure your body is provided with the hormone balancing nutrients it requires to combat hot flashes and night sweats.
Who should take Latte Liberate?
Women who are going through menopause or peri-menopause and want help in reducing hot flushes, improve their sleep patterns, increase libido, as well as reduce body aches and pains associated with menopause.
Will I like the taste?
Yes! We taste test all our products and this one is a creamy vanilla / cinnamon flavour which smells like Christmas in a bag - very much like Chai Latte.