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Vanilla Happy
Shauna Bell
Great product

Vanilla happy has helped me manage stress, get better sleep and reduce mood swings. I mix it with the protein powder and collagen and it makes a tasty smoothie.

Thanks Shauna for the review and so happy to hear that Vanilla Happy is helping with your sleep and mood swings :)

Protein Powder
Shauna Bell
Delicious protein

This is the best tasting protein powder I have tried. Creamy, a touch of sweetness and no funky aftertaste. Goes well mixed with vanilla happy.

So glad you're loving our Protein Powder! Thanks for the review. :)

Beauty Booster
Beauty Booster

Liking what i see when i look in the mirror, this 64yr old face is glowing, thanks to my new found friend " Beauty Booster ". How did i survive without you.

A wow moment!

On a recent holiday when I didn't bother taking my Latte Liberate with me as we would be travelling, by midweek I was getting aches and pains in my hips and legs which I hadn't had for ages. Got home and got a smoothie into me and after a couple of days no more aches and pains. Touch wood I haven't had hot flashes before or during using this product and now I don't want to give it the chance!

Thanks for the review Kathy and glad that your aches and pains are under control again with Latte Liberate ❤️

My happy start to the day

Great product has definitely helped me with hormone balance and feeling positive and ready to start the day.
If I forget to take it I definitely notice the difference it has now become a regular order and I get to save on the cost on auto order.
Thanks Kulture for these products they make a big positive difference in my life and I’m grateful ❤️

So happy that its making a huge difference - great to hear ❤️

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Benefits of Green Tea Matcha

Benefits of Green Tea Matcha

Just like the popular green tea, Matcha is also derived from theCamellia sinensis plant. However, there is a slight difference in the way it is grown resulting to its unique nutrient profile. To get Matcha, farmers cover their tea plants 20–30 days before harvest to avoid direct sunlight. This increases chlorophyll production, boosts the amino acid content, and gives the plant it's beautiful dark green hue. Here are 5 amazing benefits of Matcha tea:

It is an antioxidant powerhouse

Matcha contains the nutrients of the entire tea leaf. This means it yields a greater amount of caffeine and antioxidants than what you typically find in green tea. In fact, studies show that one cup of Matcha tea has the antioxidant equivalent of 10 cups of brewed green tea and has 20x more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries.

It promotes heart health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide in people over the age of 35. Drinking Matcha tea is shown to reduce the levels of ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides. It also helps prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol thus reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

It improves brain function and focus

L-theanine, a component of Matcha, boosts the production of alpha waves in the brain. These waves encourage relaxation and improve mental clarity. The caffeine in Matcha also helps improve attention, reaction time, and memory.

It promotes calmness

L-theanine is a rare amino acid found in high concentrations in Matcha. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and promotes a feeling of relaxation and reduces stress. It works in tandem with the caffeine found in Matcha to provide a stable yet extended energy boost without the jitters that are usually a side effect of caffeine and other stimulants.

It can help with weight loss

Drinking Matcha can help speed up your metabolism resulting in greater energy expenditure and a fat burning boost. The unique antioxidant Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCg) contained in Matcha increases Cholecystokinin, which is the hormone responsible for making you feel full so you don’t have to eat as much.

It can help reduce the risk of cancer

This might be a tall claim but is backed by scientific studies. Matcha contains a unique and powerful antioxidant called ‘catechins’, rarely found in other foods. In particular, the catechin EGCg (Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate) is what gives Matcha its potent cancer-fighting properties. EGCg works by counteracting the effects of free radicals from pollution, UV rays, radiation, and chemicals, which can lead to cell and DNA damage.

Matcha Zing with Green Matcha Tea

Its beautiful lush green colour blended with coconut milk and nutmeg gives it a creamy texture and will have you powering through your day with ease. It also comes with the added benefit of medicinal mushrooms that help with your gut, sleep and hormone balance.

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