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Berry Cleanse
Julie Thompson
Berry Cleanse

Great product does what it says, however need to make in capsule form for easy transport when on holiday away from home

Menopause Bundle

Loving the products, particularly the Brain Booster which has really helped clear the brain fog and the Latte Liberate which makes for a nice breakfast smoothie and I’ve not experienced any hot flushes or night sweats since taking this. I was grateful for the first few nights of deep sleep after taking the Spiced Halo but alas it didn’t last and doesn’t dissolve well. I have felt no difference at all with the Bitter Melon. Overall I love the products and will re-purchase the Brain Booster regularly.

Bitter Melon
Neet Smith
Great product

It is a great product. I was surprised to see the 1 star review - it should be removed because that person didnt try it or bother to read the "how to use" before purchasing, so that review does not represent the product.

Glad you're loving the Bitter Melon! We like to be transparent with our reviews and that's why we have left the other one there, but you're right, they didn't try the product as they couldn't use it. Thanks for leaving a review that helps everyone decide if this is the right product for them :)

Latte Liberate
Latte Liberate

This is one product i can't do without. Sometimes you wonder if these things work or not. Well let me tell you, I went away for nine days, (didn't think 9 days would be a problem) boy was I wrong. To avoid running out i will subscribe. One less thing to worry about, in my busy life

So happy to hear that our Latte Liberate is working for you! Definitely set up a subscription as you'll never run out and you can edit your subscription at any time - PLUS you also save money! Win, Win :)


I bought the Hormone and gut starter pack and I’ve only been using it for around 3 weeks and I can feel a difference. I going to the toilet a whole lot better. I feel more energised. The taste is great too.

Hormone - Insulin

Hormone - Insulin | kulture.store

If you have back fat or love handles that is busting over your jeans, that fat right where your kidneys are then your insulin levels may be too high.

Insulin is a hormone that is made by the pancreas that allows our body to use sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates for energy or to store glucose for future use.

Our bodies have 2 main fuels: sugar (glucose) and fats.

The preferred source of fuel is fat.

If you’re highly active, for example a runner, a cyclist or have any active job where you work up a sweat, then your body will most likely use sugar as fuel too.

But like most of us, who sit behind a desk all day or stand in a shop, a salon etc...relying on sugar as your fuel isn’t going to work in the long run. It will most likely result in fat storage.


When we eat too much sugar or refined carbohydrates (white bread, pasta cereals), insulin is produced in the body. When insulin is produced, our body naturally takes what it needs for energy.

If you have a high energy job, then it takes more of that sugar to fuel your energetic lifestyle.

If you have a low energy lifestyle, you sit behind a desk, exercise moderately etc.. then it will take what it needs to fuel that low energy lifestyle and then STORES THE REST AS FAT!!!

I talked about moderate exercise. What is moderate?

If you’re running 3 times a week, 20 minute runs or lifting weights, 4 x 40 minute sessions, or doing a bit or aerobic exercise...sure you’re raising your heart rate for 20-40 mins, 3-4 times a week and perhaps a few more hours after you’ve finished training, but that doesn’t compare to someone who is doing this all day constantly like a removal guy, a labourer, an athlete.

Your body takes what it needs to fuel your current lifestyle and then stores the rest as fat.

How to get rid of existing fat

If you’re someone who has fat on their body and wants to lose this fat then you need to keep your insulin levels in check. Ensure that you don’t raise your insulin levels too much.

When insulin levels are NOT elevated, your body will use its existing fat stores as fuel. Your body will burn existing fat.

When you eat and the foods you eat causes a spike in insulin levels, your body uses the sugar from that food to fuel itself. It takes what it needs and then converts the rest as fat and whacks it on top of your existing fat stores.

So what's the answer?

Reduce your sugar intake and refined carbohydrates. Take a good quality omega-3 fish oil which will help increase your insulin sensitivity. Add Kulture Vanilla Happy Superfoods to your daily routine as this help to stabilise Insulin and reduce sugar levels. 

Once you get your insulin levels controlled within you body, you will start to burn fat.


Featured Product: Vanilla Happy





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