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Vanilla Happy
Shauna Bell
Great product

Vanilla happy has helped me manage stress, get better sleep and reduce mood swings. I mix it with the protein powder and collagen and it makes a tasty smoothie.

Thanks Shauna for the review and so happy to hear that Vanilla Happy is helping with your sleep and mood swings :)

Protein Powder
Shauna Bell
Delicious protein

This is the best tasting protein powder I have tried. Creamy, a touch of sweetness and no funky aftertaste. Goes well mixed with vanilla happy.

So glad you're loving our Protein Powder! Thanks for the review. :)

Beauty Booster
Beauty Booster

Liking what i see when i look in the mirror, this 64yr old face is glowing, thanks to my new found friend " Beauty Booster ". How did i survive without you.

A wow moment!

On a recent holiday when I didn't bother taking my Latte Liberate with me as we would be travelling, by midweek I was getting aches and pains in my hips and legs which I hadn't had for ages. Got home and got a smoothie into me and after a couple of days no more aches and pains. Touch wood I haven't had hot flashes before or during using this product and now I don't want to give it the chance!

Thanks for the review Kathy and glad that your aches and pains are under control again with Latte Liberate ❤️

My happy start to the day

Great product has definitely helped me with hormone balance and feeling positive and ready to start the day.
If I forget to take it I definitely notice the difference it has now become a regular order and I get to save on the cost on auto order.
Thanks Kulture for these products they make a big positive difference in my life and I’m grateful ❤️

So happy that its making a huge difference - great to hear ❤️

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Alcohol and its Affects on Oestrogen

Alcohol and its Affects on Oestrogen | kulture.store

After years of binge drinking in my 30s, I came to realise that alcohol has had an effect on my body and as well as reaching my fitness and weight goals. If my personal trainer was reading this now, he’d be shaking his head saying... I told her to cut it out! Aargh...we never listen do we? :)

Women, alcohol & hormones

What I've come to learn is that women process alcohol at a much much slower rate than men. We retain the fluids from alcohol for longer and we metabolise the chemicals from alcohol much slower than men. It means the impact of alcohol is much stronger for us and our bodies.

Alcohol wreaks havoc on the balance of our hormones as it disrupts our blood sugar levels and it raises oestrogen too.

If you’re looking at reducing your sugar intake (ie: insulin levels are high), then alcohol is something you’ll want to avoid.

If you’re someone with oestrogen dominance, then you’ll want to avoid alcohol as well. Our liver is the organ that processes oestrogen and it also processes alcohol. It can only do so much at one time.

That is just another reason for creating my superfoods range...not so I can continue to binge drink...haha! Our liver over the years takes a bit of a beating and Vanilla Happy & Berry Cleanse both work at cleansing the liver to help metabolise hormones more effectively.

Kebab anyone?

We also make poor diet choices when we have had a drink. How many times have you reached for chips, a kebab or a burger on the way home after a night out? They are usually high carb foods which our body turns into sugar and stores as fat. 

When your body is overloaded with sugar, your insulin levels spike and your body is in fat storing mode. Your liver is helping out the kidneys to flush out the toxins from the alcohol and it becomes a cycle of mess on your body.

Over the past 6 months I have reduced my alcohol intake significantly and I do believe that has helped in reducing my oestrogen levels in my body. I now think twice before saying yes to a glass of wine.

Make better choices

We can’t always avoid alcohol so opt for some low sugar options such as red and rose wines as well as clear spirits like vodka and gin with soda water and fresh lime or cucumber.

Worst choices

Avoid soft drinks and tonic as it’s high in sugar. And don’t drink diet drinks as they too spike insulin levels. White wine is also high in sugar.

If you are going to drink then try and limit your intake to a couple of glasses.

Plan for it

Replenish your body with fluids that night and the next day. Take electrolytes and vitamin B along with coconut water. Coconut water is high in potassium and is a great way of replenishing your body.

Eat green all day. Whisk up a green vegetable soup, or have a green smoothie. Do some gentle yoga and calm your adrenals.


A drink I have been introduced to recently is Kombucha. It’s fermented and usually has no added sugar (check the label though - some have), and tastes a bit like cider. It’s fizzy and when you’re out and don’t feel like drinking alcohol or you want to reduce the amount you're drinking, it’s a great alternative to water.

You can find Kombucha at health food stores or alternatively you can make it. I haven't ventured into making it...anyone tried? Would love to hear from you.


Product featured: Vanilla Happy & Berry Cleanse


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