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Menopause Bundle

Loving the products, particularly the Brain Booster which has really helped clear the brain fog and the Latte Liberate which makes for a nice breakfast smoothie and I’ve not experienced any hot flushes or night sweats since taking this. I was grateful for the first few nights of deep sleep after taking the Spiced Halo but alas it didn’t last and doesn’t dissolve well. I have felt no difference at all with the Bitter Melon. Overall I love the products and will re-purchase the Brain Booster regularly.

Bitter Melon
Neet Smith
Great product

It is a great product. I was surprised to see the 1 star review - it should be removed because that person didnt try it or bother to read the "how to use" before purchasing, so that review does not represent the product.

Glad you're loving the Bitter Melon! We like to be transparent with our reviews and that's why we have left the other one there, but you're right, they didn't try the product as they couldn't use it. Thanks for leaving a review that helps everyone decide if this is the right product for them :)

Latte Liberate
Latte Liberate

This is one product i can't do without. Sometimes you wonder if these things work or not. Well let me tell you, I went away for nine days, (didn't think 9 days would be a problem) boy was I wrong. To avoid running out i will subscribe. One less thing to worry about, in my busy life

So happy to hear that our Latte Liberate is working for you! Definitely set up a subscription as you'll never run out and you can edit your subscription at any time - PLUS you also save money! Win, Win :)


I bought the Hormone and gut starter pack and I’ve only been using it for around 3 weeks and I can feel a difference. I going to the toilet a whole lot better. I feel more energised. The taste is great too.

Latte Liberate
Tina Lujan
latte liberate

I have been taking this product for quite a while now and feel that it has helped me with my menopause symptoms.

Why am I gaining weight during menopause?

Why am I gaining weight during menopause?

Menopause can be a tricky time for many women, particularly when it comes to gaining weight. 😩 You often hear women saying, "i've put on so much weight and I haven't changed my diet".

You see, right there, not changing your diet it the problem or rather... the solution.

Estrogen and weight gain

As we go through menopause our estrogen levels drop (which our body isn’t used to and this causes many of of the menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and sleeplessness.

It also causes an increase of fat on our bodies. How?

Our body wants estrogen as it's a hormone it's wanted and depended on for most of your life. When there are low levels of estrogen in the body, the body is clever enough to know how to increase estrogen and this is from fat stores.

And it's also clever enough to store excess fat for later as it knows it's going to need it. So estrogen is 1 key player when it comes to storing fat.

Insulin resistance

The hormone insulin helps control the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Insulin is released when you eat a meal and the level of glucose in your bloodstream is high. Insulin works by stimulating the uptake of glucose into cells, lowering your blood sugar level. 

Your liver and muscles should take up glucose either for immediate energy or to be stored as glycogen until it's needed, however too much insulin and it gets stored as fat.

When entering menopause many women become insulin resistant, meaning that the body's cells don't respond normally to insulin any longer. Glucose can't enter the cells as easily, so it builds up in the blood. This can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes as well as fat stores around the stomach. 

What are the foods our body turns into sugar? Carbohydrates and sugar. 

What should I eat?

Swap refined carbohydrates for slow release carbs such as lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, sweet potato and pumpkin.

Eat a diet rich in proteins and good fats such as nuts, avocados, olive oil and seeds.

Here are some simple do's and don'ts when it comes to carbs:

Eat more Eat less
Berries of any kind High fructose fruits
Sweet potato White potato
Pumpkin Bread
Chickpeas, Lentils, beans Rice, pasta, cous cous
Quinoa wheat based products
Leafy green vegetables cakes, cookies, baked goods


Bitter Melon helps combat insulin resistance

If you are insulin resistant, which many women experience whilst going through menopause bitter melon can help.

It has properties that act like insulin, which helps bring glucose into the cells for energy rather than storing it as fat. Amazing product! 🙌


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