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Tea Tonic
My sleep is out of this world!

I started taking this 4 days ago and WOW, my sleep is so so good now. Thank you for this product, its a lifesaver!

So happy to hear that. Im taking it too and can't believe how well Im sleeping :) Thanks for the review.

Brain Booster
Lesley Bonham
These products are amazing

I love these products they are life changing my sleep moods energy levels have improved so much after using these products 1 year on and still getting great benefits

So happy to hear Lesley :) Thank you so much for the lovely review!

Bitter Melon
Anastasia Papapetros
I haven’t tried it

I didn’t realise I had to take it with meals, 🤷🏼it’s not something I can do so the bottle us sitting unopened on my dresser.

Sorry to hear that Anastasia, Ive sent you an email as we do accept returns on unopened products.

Matcha Zing
Lesley Bonham
These products are amazing

I have been using Kulture products for a few years now they do everything they advertise, my sleep has improved considerably my energy levels are the best in years thank you Kulture for your amazing products

So happy to hear you're loving them and they are providing you with a happier healthier you :) Thanks for the review!

Flat Tummy Combo
Karen Mohr

Flat Tummy Combo

Menopause Power Bundle
Chrissy Laing
Menopause power

Would love to write a positive review the quality of this product is wonderful I just wish it tasted better the bitter taste makes drinking this product really hard, I have tried mixing in smoothies and even adding honey to no avail I am still pushing through tho for it has helped the flushed and sleeping

Sorry to hear you don't like the taste. Perhaps its the turmeric in it that you're tasting? We all have different taste buds and once you taste something its super hard to not notice it again. I do have a new product launching Saturday which is a Tea Tonic made from Chinese herbs by my local acupuncturist. It helps with hot flushes, calming within and sleep and definitely worth a try. It will be available under the Menopause section in the Navigation from Saturday 7th Jan!

Improved Sleep

This product has really assisted with improving my level of sleep since it was totally destroyed by menopause. I just have a spoonful each night with vegetable juice and I think my skin and hair also look better as an added bonus.

So happy to hear you're getting more sleep - you must feel amazing!! Thanks for the review :)

Vanilla Happy
Melissa Joseph
Love it

I love the taste

Thanks Melissa for the review and so happy to hear you love it :)

Not sure yet

I purchased fruitful digest & am taking it together with berry cleanse as recommended. Is definitely helpful with being regular every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I have also been taking vanilla happy, l am yet to see any improvement with night wets or hot flushes. It’s only been 2 weeks & weather has been extremely hot over the last 2 days. Will continue with these as well as begin taking menopause ultimate bundle once l have finished the hormone& gut starter pack.

Thanks for the review Lina and Im glad the products are working for you. With regards to the hot flushes and night sweats, you will most likely see better results with the menopause ultimate bundle as those product are specifically for that. Vanilla Happy may help some women with mild flushes but if you're getting them often then the menopause products are the ones! :)

Hormone & Gut Starter Pack
kathryn jarrett

I feel my liver is liking it too and I feel like I am losing weight.

Thanks for the review Kathryn and glad you're loving them. Wonderful to hear that they're helping you lose weight :)

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Keeping Yourself Regular And Its Health Benefits

healthy colon for gut health and how Berry Cleanse can help.

Pooping habits are unique. What is normal for you might not be the normal schedule for other people. Some people go everyday, some go three times a week, and some even go twice a day. That said, some people's schedules are “unhealthy normals”.

Pooping is the body’s way of getting rid of everything it doesn’t need like undigested food, fats, bacteria, mucus, salts, waste products, excess hormones etc. So, if a person doesn’t go for days, these waste products can back-up in the colon causing a lot of health problems.

A healthy movement allows you to go often enough (everyday) so that you don’t feel bloated or experience any pain or discomfort. The idea is to empty your colon, so that it doesn’t feel backed up or constipated. You don’t have to strain too hard to eliminate waste.

Now, if you do feel some discomfort, bloating, or are downright constipated, you may need to make some adjustments in order to encourage a healthier movement. Here’s what you can do to boost colon health and keep yourself regular:


Fibre is your friend. Fibre is one of the two major determinants of a healthy movement. Getting enough fibre in your diet adds bulk to your stool and makes it easier to stimulate a healthy movement. If you want to have a regular movement, add foods that are high in fibre such as fruits and vegetables. Some good examples are: apples, pears (eat apples and pears with skins on, the skins are very high in fibre), dates, prunes, figs, broccoli, and carrots. Also add beans such as limas, pintos, black beans, etc. Don’t forget to incorporate whole grains as well. Other foods to include are:

  • Kiwi
  • Flax seeds
  • Rhubarb
  • Artichokes
  • Kefir
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Lentils
  • Chia seeds
  • Avocados
  • Oat bran


Your water intake is the second most important determinant of a healthy movement. Water acts as a lubricant making stool easier to pass. Make an effort to drink enough water daily. Two litres a day is a good place to start. 


Like it or not, exercise is a good way to help our movement along. It encourages our colon to move waste products out of our system. If you feel constipated, it might be worth it to aim for 30 mins of brisk walking. 


To establish a healthy bathroom habit, you need to create a routine. Try going at the same time each day in order to train your body to form a regular habit. If you feel like you need to go, don’t hold it in or put it off. Take advantage of your body’s readiness. Everyone needs to go, so don’t be ashamed of your body’s natural needs. 

Maintaining a regular and healthy movement can help you prevent colon related ailments, improve bodily functions, and keep your internal organs functioning at optimum levels.

Berry Cleanse can help

It's a gentle cleansing blend of herbs and superfoods specifically formulated to remove toxins and maintain regular bowel movements. It can be taken daily to improve regularity.


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