Latte Halo


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Add 1 teaspoon of Latte Halo to warmed milk, porridge or your favourite smoothie, to help support a strong immunity, soothe the lungs from respiratory diseases, support autoimmune diseases, balance hormones as well as providing you with a deep sleep.

100% natural ingredients.



Immunity & Vitality

  • Boost immunity from viral infections
  • Soothe the lungs from respiratory diseases
  • Support adrenal conditions such as chronic fatigue
  • Improve autoimmune thyroid conditions
  • Balance estrogen & progesterone
  • Relieve hot flushes
  • Support a deep sleep
No soy
No sugar
Gluten free
Australian Made

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Product Information

Latte Halo is a delicious creamy latte blend that helps to boost your immune system, balance hormones, improve gut health as well as improve your deep sleep.


We call this our power blend as the benefits your body will feel are simply incredible!


Working with nature's ingredients the blend includes medicinal mushrooms (chaga, reishi, shiitake, maitake & cordyceps), turmeric spice mix with maple and vanilla flavours. Simply add 1 teaspoon to a hot cup of almond milk for the perfect evening night cap and a deep sleep you won't forget. 


Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries and two of their most impressive qualities is their ability to enhance the health of your immune system as they're packed with antioxidants to fight infection and improve your deep sleep. Add this to the anti-inflammatory turmeric spice mix and your body will be wondering why you hadn't discovered this sooner. 


Key benefits of Latte Halo

- Boosts the immune system from viral infections such as influenza

- Soothes the lungs of respiratory diseases, asthma & bronchitis

- Supports the adrenals and conditions such as chronic fatigue

- Improves autoimmune thyroid conditions

- Support the balance of estrogen and progesterone

- Relieves hot flashes with menopause

- Supports a healthy microbiome (gut)

- High in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties

- Help support deep sleep cycle

- Supports anti-aging effects

- Supports healthy liver functions

Immunity Booster Day / Night

For your Ideal immune booster we recommend pairing Latte Halo with Citrus Halo. Take Citrus Halo in the morning for energy and immune protection and Latte Halo in the evening for immune boost, hormone balance and a deep sleep.
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Who should take Latte Halo?

Anyone looking to boost and protect their immune system. If you're looking to balance hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, inulin or cortisol. Reduce hot flushes during peri & menopausal years. Wanting to improve your deep (REM) sleep as well as gut health.


What makes Latte Halo so powerful & special?

Latte Halo contains a blend of 5 medicinal mushrooms (chaga, cordyceps, reishi, maitake & shiitake), as well a turmeric spice mix that together are powerful in boosting your immunity. They also help to reduce inflammation, improve your gut health, reduces hot flushes, balance hormones and improve your sleep. Pretty amazing stuff!


How often should I consume Latte Halo?

We recommend once a day and best in the evening. Add 1 teaspoon to a hot cup of almond milk (almond milk has sleep inducing minerals).


Will I like the taste?

Yes! We taste test all our products and this one is a creamy vanilla maple flavour which is simply delicious.


Can I mix this with other Kulture Superfoods?

Yes, providing the flavours go together. This one is a creamy based product and will go best with our  menopause product.


I'm pregnant, can I take Latte Halo?

We recommend consulting your doctor before taking any new supplements.


What are the benefits whilst breastfeeding?

Utilising Cordyceps, Chaga and Reishi post-pregnancy and while breastfeeding can help to heal the body, revitalise organ systems and boost the immune system. This can then be passively passed onto our babies, strengthening their immune systems and constitutions.

Nutrition Information

Pack Size: 150g

Serving Size: 5g
Serving Per Pack: 30
$1.65 per serve

Fat (Total)0.5g6.1g