Flat Tummy Combo



The ultimate pack for a healthy gut. 

Simply add 1 tablespoon of Berry Cleanse and 2 teaspoons of Fruitful Digest to a glass of water, or your favourite smoothie, to help relieve constipation, maintain regularity, strengthen your digestive system and remove gas and bloating within. It also supports detoxification of the liver and better colon function.

100% natural ingredients.   



The perfect healthy gut blend

  • Helps to relieve gas build up
  • Relieves bloating
  • Promotes healthy gut bacteria
  • Maintains regular bowel movements
  • Cleanses the liver and colon for better functionality
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Strengthens your digestion
  • Removes toxins and heavy metals
No soy
No sugar
Gluten free
Australian Made

"I don't get bloated like I used to"



Product Information

This pack is designed to nourish from the inside out by improving your digestive system, maintaining regularity as well as helping to detox your liver. If you want to achieve optimum health, and by that we mean, feeling your absolute best, you need to start with your gut and this pack is designed for just that!

Key Benefits of Fruitful Digest

Fruitful Digest is a concentrated blend of 7 natural plant based digestive enzymes, designed to strengthen your digestive tract, remove excess bloating and gas and abdominal cramps caused by eating certain foods.


Gas & Bloating - soothes the gut from discomfort such as gas and bloating whilst supporting gut health.


Food intolerances - helps to remove stomach cramps, gas & bloating within 30-40 minutes.


Stomach issues - increases digestive support to help breakdown protein within the gut quicker and more effectively.


Digestion - strengthens and improves your digestive system over time.


Happy gut and body - Increases digestion which means our body is digesting more nutrients into the body.


Helps leaky gut - Increases digestion therefore all food particles are digested properly, whereas when you have leaky gut, undigested food particles can get into your bloodstream.

Key benefits of Berry Cleanse

Berry Cleanse is designed to support a healthy digestive tract and bowel regularity as well as liver detoxification, a process that metabolises toxins like pollutants, drugs, caffeine, alcohol, excess hormones, heavy metals, and pesticides.


Regularity - cleanses the colon tract and helps to keep you regular.


Increased energy - being regular means you'll have so much more energy.


Removes excess hormones - constipation leads to a build up of excess hormones that are not being extracted from the body. When this happens over time, the body reabsorbs these hormones, causing an imbalance.


Liver detoxification - with ingredients such as diatomaceous earth, a natural detoxifying agent within the body, killing parasites, viruses that can contribute to illnesses while also helping to clean the blood.


Less bloating - constipation leads to bloating and hardening of the tummy.


Free 5 Day Detox Plan included

To ensure you're getting the most out of the Kulture products, included with this pack is a digital download that explains how to incorporate this bundle into your everyday, plus a meal plan with vegan recipes for 5 days.


Who should take Flat Tummy Combo?

Anyone who has problems with their gut whether its gas & bloating, poor digestion or is constipated.


Why can't I eat certain foods now? 

From the age of 27, our digestion becomes less efficient and our body’s production of enzymes continues to decrease the older we become. If we can’t digest our food effectively, then we can’t absorb any of the nutrients into our body. This is known as nutrient malabsorption and is often the underlying cause of many health problems. Taking a digestive product such as Fruitful Digest will help your body to absorb more nutrients from you food and improve your digestion of food.


What makes Fruitful Digest better than other digestive supplements?

We use a concentrated blend of natural plant digestives with the inclusion of Biohawk Relief, a blend of ginger, turmeric and galangal that aids in gut health, removes inflammation and helps prevent auto-immune diseases.


Each of the enzymes within Fruitful Digest have been carefully selected to help nourish your digestive tract and strengthen it. Soothe the gut from discomfort such as gas and bloating whilst supporting gut health.


How do I consume this pack?

We recommend taking each product once a day.


Berry Cleanse should be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or during the day at least 2 hours between meals. 

Fruitful Digest is to be taken every morning, however if your digestive tract is weak and you're experiencing gas, bloating and indigestion regularly, we suggest you take it a few times a day until your digestive tract strengthens. You may add both products together in a glass of water to save time.


How you will feel when taking this pack regularly

After a week you will start to feel the benefits of taking these products. As your digestion strengthens and gas and bloating is removed from within your body, and your bowel movements become more regular, you should feel more energised as your gut starts to work better.

How long should I take this pack for?

We do recommend taking Fruitful Digest & Berry Cleanse ongoing to maintain your new found wellness.


I'm pregnant, can I take this combo?

Berry Cleanse contains Aloe Vera and although we only use 1% in every pack, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using it.

Fruitful Digest is safe to take whilst pregnant. 

Nutrition Information

Berry Cleanse: 

Pack Size: 300g
Serving Size: 10g
Servings per pack: 30



Fruitful Digest:

Pack Size: 200g
Serving size: 8g
Servings per pack: 25


Berry CleansePER SERVEPER 100g
Fat (Total)0.5g5.2g
Fruitful DigestPER SERVEPER 100g
Fat (Total)0.6g7.0g
 - Saturated0.1g0.7g
 - Sugars2.5g31.1g