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Bitter Melon
Linda Baker
Feeling good

I feel less bloated with the products

Berry Cleanse
Julie Thompson
Berry Cleanse

Great product does what it says, however need to make in capsule form for easy transport when on holiday away from home

Menopause Bundle

Loving the products, particularly the Brain Booster which has really helped clear the brain fog and the Latte Liberate which makes for a nice breakfast smoothie and I’ve not experienced any hot flushes or night sweats since taking this. I was grateful for the first few nights of deep sleep after taking the Spiced Halo but alas it didn’t last and doesn’t dissolve well. I have felt no difference at all with the Bitter Melon. Overall I love the products and will re-purchase the Brain Booster regularly.

Bitter Melon
Neet Smith
Great product

It is a great product. I was surprised to see the 1 star review - it should be removed because that person didnt try it or bother to read the "how to use" before purchasing, so that review does not represent the product.

Glad you're loving the Bitter Melon! We like to be transparent with our reviews and that's why we have left the other one there, but you're right, they didn't try the product as they couldn't use it. Thanks for leaving a review that helps everyone decide if this is the right product for them :)

Latte Liberate
Latte Liberate

This is one product i can't do without. Sometimes you wonder if these things work or not. Well let me tell you, I went away for nine days, (didn't think 9 days would be a problem) boy was I wrong. To avoid running out i will subscribe. One less thing to worry about, in my busy life

So happy to hear that our Latte Liberate is working for you! Definitely set up a subscription as you'll never run out and you can edit your subscription at any time - PLUS you also save money! Win, Win :)

How long do we experience menopause?

How long do we experience menopause? | kulture.store

A woman goes through many biological changes in her life. During puberty, she blossoms into a lady as her sexual organs begin to mature and her menstruation begins. Pregnancy is also one of the beautiful changes her body undergoes as she carries a child into this world. Her reproductive years continue until she hits menopause. Menopause is confirmed when a woman has stopped getting her period for 12 months. This normal and naturally occurring biological change signals the end of her childbearing years.


Before menopause occurs, a woman experiences perimenopause where the initial symptoms like hot flashes and irregular periods pop up. Perimenopause starts in a woman’s mid-40’s or early 50’s, but could come earlier (early 30’s - early or premature menopause) or later (well into their 60’s) and could last anywhere from 4 to 8 years.

The thought of menopause is filled with trepidation as horror stories abound of the very difficult and painful symptoms a woman can expect during this time in her life. That is why questions arise on what to expect during menopause and how long do women expect it to last.

Vanilla happy for peri menopause

What brings on menopause

Age is the most common instigator of menopause. Over the years,the ovaries’ ability to ovulate and produce hormones decline. Other things that can bring about menopause are surgery and medical treatments. Menopause itself is a natural biological occurrence that does not require any treatment. However, most women seek relief from any of the uncomfortable symptoms that come with it.

What are the symptoms

One of the most common symptoms is hot flashes which cause women to feel hot, flushed, sweaty, and have red blotches on their face and neck. Variations of this are night sweats (hot flashes that occur during sleep) and cold flashes (instead of feeling hot, women report feeling cold, having chills, or shivering).

To manage hot flashes, women are advised to wear layered clothing (so that you can remove or pile on clothing pieces accordingly), avoid hot flash triggers (like spicy food, alcohol, strenuous activity, or hot environments), and keep cool by bringing a fan and staying hydrated.

Since the duration of menopause varies for each woman, no one can accurately say when it will start and end. However, most women report having a positive perspective towards menopause. This is the age when women have clarity and have honed their emotional intelligence. It may be the wisdom that comes with age and the abundance of life experiences that influence the positive attitude towards menopause.

Experiencing symptoms?

Kulture has 2 products that can help whilst you're going through the change. Vanilla Happy helps for peri-menopausal symptoms and Latte Liberate helps when going through Menopause. Shop our hormonal balance range.

Latte Liberate to help menopause



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