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Berry Cleanse
Julie Thompson
Berry Cleanse

Great product does what it says, however need to make in capsule form for easy transport when on holiday away from home

Menopause Bundle

Loving the products, particularly the Brain Booster which has really helped clear the brain fog and the Latte Liberate which makes for a nice breakfast smoothie and I’ve not experienced any hot flushes or night sweats since taking this. I was grateful for the first few nights of deep sleep after taking the Spiced Halo but alas it didn’t last and doesn’t dissolve well. I have felt no difference at all with the Bitter Melon. Overall I love the products and will re-purchase the Brain Booster regularly.

Bitter Melon
Neet Smith
Great product

It is a great product. I was surprised to see the 1 star review - it should be removed because that person didnt try it or bother to read the "how to use" before purchasing, so that review does not represent the product.

Glad you're loving the Bitter Melon! We like to be transparent with our reviews and that's why we have left the other one there, but you're right, they didn't try the product as they couldn't use it. Thanks for leaving a review that helps everyone decide if this is the right product for them :)

Latte Liberate
Latte Liberate

This is one product i can't do without. Sometimes you wonder if these things work or not. Well let me tell you, I went away for nine days, (didn't think 9 days would be a problem) boy was I wrong. To avoid running out i will subscribe. One less thing to worry about, in my busy life

So happy to hear that our Latte Liberate is working for you! Definitely set up a subscription as you'll never run out and you can edit your subscription at any time - PLUS you also save money! Win, Win :)


I bought the Hormone and gut starter pack and I’ve only been using it for around 3 weeks and I can feel a difference. I going to the toilet a whole lot better. I feel more energised. The taste is great too.

Boost Progesterone through your diet

dark chocolate can improve progesterone levels.

Boosting progesterone levels through diet can be a beneficial approach for many women experiencing hormone imbalances. Here's how you can incorporate progesterone-boosting nutrients into your diet:

  1. Fibre: Include foods high in fibre such as oats, flaxseed, and quinoa. Fibre helps reduce estrogen levels by promoting healthy digestion, allowing less time for estrogen to be absorbed into the system.

  2. Zinc: Consume zinc-rich foods like lean beef, seafood, pumpkin and squash seeds, and nuts. Zinc supports the production of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), which stimulates ovulation and progesterone production.

  3. Vitamin B6: Incorporate foods containing vitamin B6 such as sunflower seeds, fish, turkey, and dried fruit. Vitamin B6 has been linked to improved progesterone levels and reduced miscarriage rates.

  4. Magnesium: Consume magnesium-rich foods like spinach, fish, dark chocolate, whole grains, and nuts/seeds. Magnesium regulates hormone production by influencing the pituitary gland, which produces hormones like FSH and LH involved in progesterone synthesis.

  5. Vitamin C: Include foods high in vitamin C such as yellow peppers, oranges, broccoli, kiwi, and kale. Research suggests that vitamin C supplementation can significantly increase progesterone levels in the body.

  6. L-Arginine: Incorporate foods rich in L-Arginine, an amino acid found in high-protein foods. Lentils, salmon, pumpkin seeds, chicken, pork, and lean beef are good sources. L-Arginine supports blood circulation, aiding the effective functioning of the corpus luteum and ovaries responsible for progesterone production.

By incorporating these progesterone-boosting nutrients into your diet, you may help support hormone balance and alleviate symptoms associated with low progesterone levels. 

Vanilla Happy can help during Peri-menopause

Vanilla Happy is rich in Magnesium, L-Arginine, B6, Zinc as well as supplemented with Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng and Maca. This blend has been formulated to help women to improve progesterone levels.

This delicious blend can be taken with milk or water and includes:

Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao is rich in magnesium and helps to stabilise your serotonin levels. A lack of serotonin can lead to sleep disorders. It may also help to reduce weight gain, leg swelling, bloating, breast tenderness and period pain during PMS. Magnesium also helps to balance progesterone within.


Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that is used to reduce stress hormones and stimulate blood flow to the female reproductive organs. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and PMS related symptoms.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen so it adapts to your body's needs.


One of Maca's superpowers for hormonal health lies in its adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens like Maca have been used throughout history in many traditional health practices. Maca helps balance hormones and due to an excess of environmental estrogens, most people's hormones are out of natural balance. Maca stimulates and nourishes the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are the “master glands” of the body.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng has been found to fight fatigue and promote energy within. It also helps with anxiety, stress and provide a feeling of calmness.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds hormonal benefits include stabilising blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity, and easing metabolic syndrome symptoms like blood pressure and blood sugar spikes. Rich in Vitamin B6, chia seeds helps to balance progesterone.

Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc from pumpkin seeds is claimed to promote progesterone production in preparation for the next phase of your cycle.


Spirulina is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties and can help with hot flushes. Rich in Vitamin B6, spirulina helps to balance progesterone.


Vanilla Happy with review

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