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My lifeline

I have been using this for a couple of years now and will not go a day without it. It calms me, I sleep better and am in a better mind set all round. I can totally recommend it!

Thanks for the review Kylie and your continued support. I'm so glad to hear you're loving this product and that its helping you to feel amazing!

Nice taste

Started taking it in last couple weeks. Enjoying the taste early days yet.

Taking this every day and love it

Have been taking this combo now for over a year and haven't had a cold or flu over the winter months and sleep better.

Taster Pack
Taster pack

I tried everything in the pack and was so impressed with how much better my gut felt . Definitely less bloating . I am in menopause so I’ve ended up purchasing Latte Liberate , Latte halo, and the healthy gut duo.
Looking forward to seeing over time how much better I might feel especially with the hot flushes

Thanks for the review Catherine and wonderful to hear you love them and that you experienced less bloating. Looking forward to hearing how you go with the full packs.

Just wonderful products

So glad I've found you. Your products changed me in so many ways. More energetic my mood is so much better, don't seem to have any hot flushes anymore, I sleep so much better & over all a happier me. Will continue buying your products thank you so much..

Thanks for the review Liz - fantastic to hear your energy levels and mood is better and those hot flushes are gone.

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21 Day Kickstart

  • A complete plan that incorporates 5 Kulture products for optimum gut and hormone balance. Easy to prepare recipes and an exercise plan that can be done in the comfort of your home.
    100% natural ingredients
  • 400g Blueberry Burst (17 serves in 1 pack)
    500g Vanilla Happy (31 serves in 1 pack)
    300g Berry Cleanse (30 serves in 1 pack)
    200g Fruitful Digest (25 serves in 1 pack)
    200g Green Goddess (40 serves in 1 pack)
    21 Day Program with recipes workouts and meal plan
    Products + Program is valued up to $337!
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21 Days to a lighter, brighter you.

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Lost 5kg!

Loved this program and was really easy to follow and best of all I lost 5kg.

Wow that's incredible - 5kg!! Hope you're now feeling amazing Vanessa.

Wow what a difference this made

I definitely can feel and see the difference. Bloating went in a few days and had more energy. Love the recipes and super easy to make. Loved it. :heart_eyes:

Fantastic to hear

Loved it

Loved it, it actually worked. Happy vanilla is great, smoothie blend ok, better when blended with berries or banana. It all worked & i felt great, energy, happy.

That's wonderful to hear that you're feeling the benefits from the program. :heart:️

Love all the shakes

Love all the shakes

That's awesome to hear Tracy. You should share some of the shakes on social media and tag us @kulturebalance... as I run a competition each month and the winner chosen wins a $25 voucher.

Feel energised

I feel amazing after completing this. I want more!

I'm feeling pretty good

Been using the 21 days supply and its only been 5 days and I'm feeling pretty good. :smiley:

Frequently asked questions

Who should use the 21 Day Kickstart?
Anyone who is wanting to lose weight, balance their gut health and hormones, plus want to kickstart their health and wellness journey.
What are the benefits?
- Lose weight - Feel more revitalised
- Have more energy
- Sleep better
- Improve your digestion
- Elevate your mood
- Balance adrenals and thyroid
Is it hard and will I be hungry?
It's not hard and nor will you wont be hungry. You'll be eating clean and healthy food for 21 days such as smoothies, eggs and pancakes for breakfast as well as salads, soups and main meals for lunch and dinner. There are plenty of snacks too during the day to keep you feeling energised along with a Kulture energy booster on most days.
I can't do any exercise, is this program right for me?
If you can't do any exercise for any reason, we recommend swapping the workout routines for walking. The aim of this program is do what your body is capable of doing.
I'm pregnant, can I use this?
We do not recommend this for pregnant women, particularly Vanilla Happy as it contains Ashwagandha which isn't recommend for pregnant women.

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